Customized software

Software Development

Each company has its own structures, procedures and processes. That's why we provide no standard product, but work together with our customers on applications that are perfectly tailored to them.

We analyze the needs of employees and create system concepts that are based on their work processes and requirements. We write the software, test it, install it and support the further development over the entire life cycle of the application. Both backend, and frontend and surfaces are developed in-house.

Large range

Since 2000, we almost exclusively use the Microsoft. NET Framework and the C # programming language to develop our applications. Since that time we have created a wide range of innovative application solutions for national and international companies for all sectors of the industry - like advanced Web-based guidance systems, systems for video analysis of television images, SharePoint-based applications for government agencies or large media asset management systems for small businesses and corporations. For over five years, we have also been developing cloud-based applications with a focus on Microsoft Azure. In addition, we develop customized solutions as applications for mobile devices, such as for the operating systems iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Other Services: