Everything from one source

Consolidated medium-sized businesses, non-governmental organization or government - our customers are different, but they all have one thing in common: They want to get personalized and full-service advice. They want tailor-made solutions. And they want everything from a single source: starting from the analysis of the relevant requirements of the architecture to implementation and follow-up maintenance of the software.

Therefore, in NeoGeo technical and creative skills are united. Our team does not only develop innovative applications based on different programming languages, technologies and platforms, but also creates usable interfaces and a modern surface design.

The most recent knowledge goes into development: Because we belong to a selected circle of software companies that have the ability to test and use upcoming Microsoft developments early on, we can more quickly than others integrate advanced technologies into our solutions. As one of only 4 Microsoft Regional Directors in Germany and 120 worldwide, NeoGeo’s CEO Marc Hoeppner is also in close contact with the Microsoft development team and, as a result, also gives feedback from customer groups as a result.

Our Services: